Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is coming of age as it enables businesses to replace mundane human tasks with bots and other automation solutions, developed with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT and IIoT. These technologies enable building more and more intelligence into the machines, making them carry out routine tasks as well use insights from data to respond intelligently to the unusual as well!
Enabling this machine and deep learning are several tools readily available in the market that should ideally set any business off on the journey of incorporating AI into their operations. But in reality, dreams rarely come true. Each business has unique requirements, has data stored in different formats and expects different kinds of outcomes based on its customer and market needs. A readily-available tool needs tweaking to fit individual organisational and business needs.
Our seasoned technologists at Whirldata Science will work with you to understand your unique requirements and business needs to develop well integrated AI-based solutions and other automation utilities to free up resources to do more creative tasks.
We integrate AI solutions to suite different business scenarios and infrastructure to present a full-fledged, usable solution that takes the existing system architecture and aligns with the business goals.
We design robust, scalable AI solutions that provide for organisational growth and strategies.

Experience and Expertise:
Whirldata Science provides a balanced mix of offshore and on location services to provide a cost effective solution. Our team includes certified developers, skilled scientist and data experts, with deep knowledge of AI as a science and the right skills in using tools like Python, R, Hadoop, AWS big data stack, Google’s Tensorflow, Yolo, IBM Watson and Scala to convert them to a usable business tool.

Solutions Offered by Whirldata include:

  • Natural language processing: Our AI solution can analyse, understand and replicate natural language used written and spoken by humans to improve human-computer interface.
  • Speech recognition: With voice recognition gaining importance in various apps, we provide solutions to extract, store and transmit voice transcripts.
  • Machine learning: We develop AI solutions that mimic human decision making patterns and enable the machines to perform routine tasks, thus freeing up resources.
  • Deep learning: Through deep learning, we design neural networks for decision making and other tasks requiring intuition drawn from data.
  • Industrial IoT: Extract value from IoT by drawing insights from the data generated to improve product and service design and delivery.
  • Market data analysis: Capture, analyse and implement market data for improving product performance and service delivery
  • Robotics: Improve robot design and performance using artificial intelligence to replicate human behaviour better.
  • Fraud detection: Enhance security using Artificial Intelligent solutions by tracing steps and analysing behaviour to detect and prevent fraud.
  • Chatbots: Improve customer interactions with virtual assistants who mimic human service managers online.

Whirldata has the required domain knowledge to cater to the needs of different industries, including:

  • Agriculture: Our AI solutions can improve agricultural yield through Smart Farming using sensors to track rains, detect pests and improve a whole range of other agri-activities.
  • Healthcare: We can help improve diagnostics, treatment, health predictions and outcomes with right AI solutions for healthcare
  • Retail Ecommerce: Improve product line-up, pricing, positioning, and marketing through insights on customer behaviour and buying patterns.
  • Manufacturing: We develop robots that can undertake assembly and packaging activities while reducing risks to human lives and improving efficiencies
  • Finance: From virtual assistants to fraud detection to improved customer and market understanding, our AI solutions can play a significant role in your business

Our Intelligent Solutions include:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Image Retrieval
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Computer Vision
  • Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Clinical Intelligence
  • IT Automation
  • Marketing Automation
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