Ecommerce dashboard for

An E-commerce company asked us to provide an Microsoft Power BI dashboard for their Orders, Shipping & Tax information.

Our services provided with the simple and clear dashboard with appropriate reports. Client was satisfied with our services.

The steps involved in this case:

#1. Extract the data from Magento website

It was the challenging task for us since this was our first time implementation. But, our team found the perfect solution to extract the data with SOAP connection,  which is available in Magento OOTB(Out Of The Box)features. We’ve extracted the relevant data like orders with shipping & tax information as JSON(JavaScript Object Notation). And, we wrote a simple PHP(Personal Home Page) to convert this JSON to CSV(comma separated Values ) and it can be the data source for Power BI.

#2. Data modeling in Power BI

With the extracted CSV, we’ve created the better data model in Power BI (Desktop version). We’ve classified the data into three parts as according the requirement. 1. Sales KPI, 2. Shipping KPI, 3. Tax KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

#3. Power BI reports

After classifying the data, we’ve created the reports with appropriate Filters, YoY(Year Over Year), MoM(Month over Month)  and QoQ(Quarter o Quarter) information. Our report also includes the appropriate charts and tables. With the reports we’ve created, the end user can filter the report by year, Month & Day and  they can also  able to see the performance of Sales in terms of quantity sold, discount trends and so on.

#4. Publishing Dashboard

Once, completed our reports, we built the dashboard with the necessary reports from these three KPIs. The finalized dashboard has been published after the verification of Quality Assurance (QA) team. We learnt client about how to add other reports to the dashboard.

The process took two days to complete. Two members were involved in this process.