Data Science

Whirldata is an expert in the art of cleaning, preparing and analyzing unstructured and structured data using a combination of statistics, mathematics, and programming for problem solving and extracting insights and information from data. We help businesses identify appropriate infrastructure, hardware, and open source solutions to meet the corporate requirements. We also train and develop human resources to handle data science analytics.

The data scientists at Whirldata have experience in implementing IIoT for real-time analytics as well as cloud and Big Data. While we have the capability to implement proven algorithms, we also develop bespoke algorithms using more than 40 open source tools to suit the specific needs of our customers, thus facilitating a better understanding of the data and its implications at competitive rates. We ensure quality with security.

The industries we work with include:

Manufacturing: Whirldata provides resource analytics, logistics analysis, plant pollution detection, machine performance monitoring and prediction and operations optimisation to improve operational efficiencies.

E-commerce:  A critical focus area, Whirldata enables personalisation of promotions, image recognition and image-based recommendations, customer analysis and sales pattern analytics, upsell and cross-sell and market based analytics to maximize e-commerce endeavors.

Retail:  Whirldata helps retailers improve sales by providing insights into customer churn analysis, customer footfall analytics, sales forecasting and customer experience analysis.

Healthcare: Data science solutions from Whirldata aids the healthcare industry improve patient care with patient monitoring, preventive analysis, preventive measure and disease modelling.
Finance: Improved financial consultation through Whirldata’sdata science solutions for risk analysis, forecasting, data modelling, interactive graph creation and real time analytics.

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