Whirldata Labs announces the opening of its new development center in Chennai

June 22, 2017 – Whirldata today announced the opening of its dedicated new research and development facility, Whirldata Labs, in Chennai, India. The early stage data science and intelligent computing services startup says a number of scientists along with a strong team of developers are already on board and recruitment efforts are continuing to grow a strong offshore research and services team.

The Chennai office was inaugurated by Mr. Pravin Shekar – Chairman & CEO at Krea. Well wishers and advisers from the technology industry graced the occasion. Co-founder and Director of DilSeBol.com and Whirldata’s first client, Mr. Ravi Kumar, lit the traditional kuthuvilaku. The inauguration was followed by a captivating and motivational speech by Mr. Pravin Shekar.

“The Chennai research lab and delivery center is a natural fit to Whirldata’s global strategy to invest in an offshore service center in India”, says Ara Ramalingam, founder & CEO of Whirldata, a serial entrepreneur and a technologist. “I specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks during my Masters in Computer Science in 1999. The computing power needed to run these systems in a commercially viable manner has become a recent possibility and the market demand for these services is seeing a steep growth. Our core offering at Whirldata is our expertise in bridging the technology gap, between the lab and the office desk, by building solutions for the industry using the latest intelligent platforms and tools from all leading vendors. Our offering range from building analytical solutions on IoT data to building deep learning neural networks and training them on highly parallel GPUs. With the new office space, we are also looking to build a dedicated training team to enhance the skills required, for our new recruits, in linear algebra, calculus, linguistic analysis and knowledge engineering.”

“With the changing market need in the field of intelligent computing, candidates with just a computer science engineering degree no longer fits the bill. The new breed of engineers and researchers are required to have a strong mathematical foundation”, says Nisanth Nair, Whirldata’s VP of Human Resources. “Chennai, with its closeness to reputed educational and research institutions and its tradition of asserting the importance of strong foundations in core sciences is a hot bed of resources required for the paradigm shift the technology industry is going through. The new office will provide us the much needed space for growth in team size and also to setup some of the research labs.”

“The startup was nurtured in the dining room of Ara’s two bedroom house before moving to his slightly larger basement”, says Muthupandian Thangarajan (Mu), co-founder and Director of Technology at Whirldata. “I am very excited about the new office space and the opportunity to grow the team. We recently built a proof of concept, Sodabot, to showcase the integration of automation, virtual assistants, nutrition and healthcare and had to borrow resources across multiple teams to get the prototype to run. We have several new projects in the pipeline and have been short of space to grow the team to handle the needs.”

“We worked with the Whirldata team for re-launching our website, www.DilSeBol.com with embedded machine learning algorithms to study consumer behavior and site usage. Whirldata understood where we were at, where we wanted to go and recommended a solution that was suitable for us both in terms of functionality and budget. The team has been professional in their approach and so far, we have been satisfied with the way the project has been handled. We look forward to working together more in future as we foresee a lot of ways in which the Whirldata team can add value to our e-commerce venture” say Ravi Kumar, co-founder and Director of DilSeBol.com. DilSeBol.com is the first client to integrate Whirldata’s AptEngine, a product recommendation engine, designed and built by their Chennai team. The service offering to DilSeBol.com includes various machine learning based solution strategies and architecture to accommodate conversational user interfaces and virtual assistants in the future.

Whirldata, headquartered in Herndon, VA, and with a development center in Chennai, provides intelligent data services with special focus on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Chatbots and Virtual Assistants. Whirldata provides data analytics and artificial intelligence related business solutions across industry segments. Right from Agriculture, Manufacturing, E-Commerce and Textile to Fund Managers, Energy Industry, and Healthcare. Our Data Scientists, language engineers and software programmers in tandem work with cloud providers and in house hardware to optimize the best of breed infrastructure and software solutions to support Big Data and machine learning needs. The deep insights garnered from the data enable businesses to devise meaningful product and services strategies.

Pravin Shekar
A start-up specialist, parallel entrepreneur and a raconteur! I’m a man of many moods and I imbibe and spread positive energy. I believe in “Doing” more. Visit www.PravinShekar.com to learn more.

Ravi Kumar
Ravi has overall responsibility for the strategy and performance of DilSeBol.com. His focus areas include web marketing and e-commerce. He leads the company’s effort to explore new product ideas and enhanced online user experience. Prior to founding DilSeBol.com, Ravi was a Business Consultant at Accenture, Mumbai and an Area Sales Manager at Coca-Cola, Chennai. Ravi is a management graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and holds a Bachelors degree in Hotel Management from Welcomschool, Manipal.