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About Us

Whirldata, headquartered in Fremont, CA, and with a development center in Chennai, provides intelligent data services with special focus on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

In this connected world, businesses have better access to information on who their customers are, their behavior and preferences. However, the data is scattered in silos, stored in different formats and systems and rarely talk to each other, thus being rendered partly useless. This data, if leveraged and integrated well, can help devise business strategies to develop products and services relevant to customers, helping address their pain points.
Whirldata provides data, analytics and artificial intelligence related business solutions across industry segments. Right from Agriculture, Manufacturing, E-Commerce and Textile to Fund Managers, Energy Industry, and even Healthcare, our data scientists can help organizations harness data and improve customer experience and business efficiency by:
  • Integrating data from multiple sources
  • Cleaning
  • Transforming
  • Extracting insights

Our Data Scientists work with cloud providers and in house hardware to optimize the best of breed infrastructure to support Big Data and their analytics. The deep insights garnered from the data enable businesses to devise meaningful product and services strategies. 

We help our clients prospect new customers and retain existing clients with intelligent data handling capabilities. Visibility and visualization are key when it comes to presenting data, we provide world class data analytics and insights on real time data to help your clients understand their customer needs, run their machineries better, fine tune their devices, optimize healthcare and medication or grow better yields on their farms. Whirldata makes scalable big data and artificial intelligence based solutions available to small and medium size businesses at a very affordable cost.