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Organizations have collected large amount of data in the last few years. And they continue to collect. The quantity of data increases everyday and the quality and the throughput of processing has ept up with the rate of data collection. Machine learning algorithms combined with low cost computing power available today has allowed advanced and complicated analytics to be run not only on the huge data store – but can also include eternal data about the users/customers in multiple contexts and harness the power of the subjective knowledge.

However, the power to leverage this knowledge to increase engagement with customers is limited – they have been limited to the extent to what pre-defined interfaces allow. Interfaces such as mobile apps and websites and to a large extent even the salesperson on the store are limited by the functionalities already built-in or knowledge possessed by an individual (in the case of a salesperson). Pre-defined interfaces are ones whose flow of engagement is decided not in real-time

Conversational user interfaces have answered a critical question in the affirmative – or at least have ensured that the answer will be a certain yes in the near future. The question is “if a customer is allowed a free-flow, non-syntax based interaction with the knowledge base of an organization, will it lead to improved revenues, loyalty and satisfaction?”
CUIs have the capability to link customers with an organizations real-time learnings. Much of the talk today has been about the availability of voice translation devices such as Echo, OK Google, Siri as being the prime driver for increased CUI. However, the real power of CUIs resides in being able to increase free-flowing non-syntactical engagement with customers through channels that they are familiar with. The modes of engagement could be a website, an app or a voice assistant or a chatbot.

Whirldata understands the immense value CUIs offer and focuses its offerings on enabling organisations to leverage their knowledge-base to engage in
real-time with customers. In the endeavour to build CUIs, Whirldata has broken down its capability offerings into the following pieces that together
enable an effective CUI deployment for an organisation:

  • Ability to effectively use off-the shelf NLP engines and also build new ones where required if regional languages/dialetcs require so
  • Integration capability with multiple virtual assistants – Echo, OK Google, Skype Facebook, Slack
  • Customized mobile and web agents as entry points for CUIs
  • Ability to deploy AWS’ serverless computing architecture – along with hosting in-house at client’s site or a could provider of choice
  • Harness the power of Machine Learning algorithms in a commercially meaningful manner to serve the CUIs

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