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Idea to MVP for Startups

For companies with products/solutions based on Machine Learning

The Ideas Economy is racing ahead in lighting speed and the catalyst of that change, Startups, aren’t the same breed they used to be. The overall approach to solving problems have now become more agile and nimble. The conventional dependence on stealth mode for building complex, bloated non-minimum products has now been replaced with a much learner process that takes advantage of an iterative set of practices and KPI’s to build a (more efficient) Minimum Viable Product

Whirldata’s Idea to MVP practice is designed to help lean startups take advantage of our strong technical capabilities, proven ability to understand dynamic business objectives and the experience derived maturity to unify the business-technology divide that currently exists in ML. We are ideally placed to be your partner to develop your MVP that’s significantly dependent on Data Sciences/ML.

Engagement Models:

  1. Idea to MVP – where we build the entire MVP
  2. Staff augmentation – our data scientists are trained to constantly validate any development effort with its business impact. 
  3. ODC – BOT/BOOT – We can recruit and setup a team that you can manage too build your MVP.